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Junk Kouture entries

Junk Couture entries


Inspiration for the design is Irish culture and Riverdance due to the model doing Irish dancing. For the corset, flattened out the cans, placed it on the bodice and the cups and we also twisted some cans into spirals for detail giving it an armour look representing the armour worn for battles throughout Irish history. Cut up cans into pieces, twisted into spirals representing curly wigs used in dancing. For skirt, spray painted an old table cloth and used tulle under the skirt to add volume. The gloves are made from a velvet pillowcase connecting the designs back to original inspiration. #junkkouture2024

Created by Emma Hanratty, Isabella Kavanagh and Paula Komorek

Welcoming The Future

Welcoming The Future is based on how fashion transitioned from very feminine and classy (taking inspiration from the 50s) to unusual and groovy designs with colour. (80’s era).The Message being portrayed is how fashion evolved with changes from the classic TV/film period (black and white) to now modern broadcasting era, and how tv and film influences fashion ideas throughout the world. As well as the public attentiveness to prevailing trends, the design transitioned from the 50s bland colours to vibrant hues and abstract design as seen in modern society. #junkkouture2024

Created by Lucy Keogh, Saanvi Gupta and Sophie Waits

Evil Eye Of The Storm

Design “Evil eye of the storm”, represents how the ocean or beach can be peaceful, but when a storm hits it causes destruction. Trying to showcase power to women was not going to be easy, designers wanted to show power in a different way that can also be beautiful and unique. The evil eye can represent both evil and peace, which can be observed during a storm. Evil eye seen in Greek culture Inspiration the Greek god “Posidan” as he carries a trident, we added light to represent power shown. Loofas were a staple piece in the train, linking self care bath can be viewed as peaceful or to blockout the sounds of everyday chaos, correlating both elements of evil eye and the ocean. #junkkouture2024

Junk Couture entriesJunk Couture entriesJunk Couture entriesJunk Couture entries
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